Precision Lifting

Our helicopters are designed to lift.Skywork has an aircraft suited for your needs. We also have the support equipment for any job – from lifting sand, or a tree, to concrete, poles, furniture, air conditioning units, signs, metal, water tanks and building supplies.

Lifting by helicopter is an efficient way to transfer your materials, with minimal risk of damage to the transported goods. There are also cost savings as less labour is required to complete the job, and it is a speedy solution to getting the goods to their intended site.

Our operations personnel and pilot will assist you to ensure both safety and efficiency. On all helicopter operations, we normally provide ground crew support to ensure that the operations can be undertaken safely.  All our staff are equipped with the appropriate safety gear and are in radio contact with the pilot.

Skywork Helicopters has performed many precision-lifting operations in both remote locations and in urban areas, including people’s back yards.

Skywork Helicopters can pour concrete, spread gravel, erect timber and steel constructions in remote areas or offshore locations, allowing a cost-effective alternative for the placement of construction material, or large and heavy equipment in environmentally restrictive areas.