Power Industry

Skywork Helicopters' highly experienced pilots have the knowledge and reputation to provide comprehensive professional solutions for all your powerline needs.

New Line Construction & Live Line Maintenance

The experience and expertise of Skywork in this area is well recognised within the industry for both human sling and platform work involving inspection and repairs to live high tension lines. This is extremely specialised work that requires precision flying, intense concentration, and well-planned and organised safety procedures throughout the operation.

Our highly skilled pilots undertake the following inspection, stringing and maintenance activities:

  • Insulator Washing
  • Aerial Inspection and maintenance
  • Powerline stringing
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Survey and mapping

Specialised Equipment Available:

Skywork has invested heavily in specialised equipment for use within the power industry.

The Javelin Water Lance is a high-pressure low volume water cannon used for asset maintenance, ensuring a smooth stream of water that is not affected by helicopter downdraft.

Uses for this technology include:

  • Insulator Washing
  • Structure and Conductor Washing

It can also be used for:

  • Fire Control
  • Crowd Control

The Helicopter Line Access Platform provides a safe working stabilised platform that is ideal for both inspection and maintenance activities. 

The platform can be installed on either side of the helicopter and is able to safely and comfortably seat two line workers during inspection, maintenance, and peak transfer operations.