Filming & Photography

Skywork Helicopters' highly experienced pilots have the knowledge and reputation to provide comprehensive professional solutions for all your aerial filming and photography needs.

Skywork Helicopters operate a diverse fleet of helicopters used for camera platforms, crew and equipment transport. The helicopters are equipped with sliding action doors for quick and efficient relocation shoots. 

As a full-service company, Skywork Helicopters coordinates all aspects of aerial film operations:

  • Location Scouting
  • Camera Platforms
  • Installation of Camera Mounts
  • Microwave Down Links
  • Aerial Cinematographer
  • Specialist Aerial Cameramen
  • Editing Suites
  • Fire Units and Ground Support Personnel
  • Mobile Aircraft Engineers and Mechanics

Skywork Helicopters is able to supply a broad range of aerial camera mounts and cameras, including aerial film and digital media. 

Applications include:

  • Motion Picture
  • Aerial Film
  • Promotional Video
  • Music Videos
  • News Media
  • Sport Events
  • Commercials
  • Mapping
  • Real Estate
  • Surveillance
  • Aerial Infra-red Imaging