The forestry industry has been one of the driving features in Skywork Helicopters developing its systems and efficiencies over the years, with continued emphasis placed on the need to maintain the latest of technology and industry expertise or its forestry clients. 

Systems include technology and specialised plant to mitigate the impact on the environment and efficiencies to deliver a timely service to support and ensure other forestry activities can meet their deadlines.  

Safety is Paramount in all Operations Undertaken by Skywork Helicopters Ltd. All forestry operations are supported in the field by an expert team of highly trained ground crew and mobile engineers.  Regular training days are held by Skywork Helicopters for any persons associated with our helicopter operations.

  • Over-sowing and Fertiliser Application 
  • Dothistroma Spraying 
  • Release Spraying 
  • Wild Animal Control 
  • Aerial Survey 
  • Fire Support
  • Pre-Plant Spraying”

Skywork Helicopters has the equipment and expertise in the following areas:

  • Heli-logging and Support 
  • Slinging Haulage Cables 
  • Long-line Choker Delivery 
  • Timber Extraction 
  • Transport of Logging Crew and Equipment 
  • Log Jams and Potential Hazards