Aerial Spraying

Skyworks spray operations incorporate over sowing, and fertilising operations are one of Skywork’s recognized specialized areas of work.

Early on Skywork Helicopters recognised the need within the New Zealand agricultural sector, to respond to increased environmental pressures for improved methods and standards. Consequently, resources have been employed in research and development of new equipment and improved application techniques. The company invested in the country’s first Thru Valve Boom in 1999, and set up the first ‘Squirrel’ type aircraft in the world utilizing this specialised aerofoil anti-drift boom technology. 

Skywork Helicopters operates controlled flow meters, anti-drift booms and satellite navigation (Differential GPS) for precision and optimum application of agri-chemical solutions.

Skywork Helicopters has spent considerable resources researching and developing to achieve precision application of agri-chemicals and reduce the potential for environmental threats.  One of the more unique innovations is Skywork’s three “mobile mixing centres” – trucks that can carry up to 12 tons of water, fuel, chemicals, and support equipment with an integrated heli-deck mounted above the tank.  These “rooftop” helipads minimise dust movement and the mobility of the trucks enables landing pads to be located often closer to the job site, providing savings for the customer.  This method of containment significantly reduces the potential risk of ground seepage or spills of chemicals and fuel.

Our innovative mobile mixing centres with rooftop helipads contain all water and chemical with support equipment. This method of containment prevents the risk of environmental ground seepage and spillage into creeks, rivers, and ponds.