Est 1997

Skywork Helicopters Limited

Skywork Helicopters Limited was established in 1997 with one aircraft, and today operates a fleet of diverse aircraft within New Zealand.

Skywork is able to provide you with a diverse range of commercial helicopter services. Whether your requirement is a one-off type job or flight, or an extended and comprehensive part of an overall construction, agricultural or seismic related project, or is of an emergency nature, for fire, search & rescue or frost protection Skywork has a team of individuals ready to respond 24/7.

The company is managed and operated by a team of individuals passionate about aviation, and who each contribute to the successful delivery of helicopter services provided to the company’s customers.

If you have never used a helicopter before, but think you have a job that requires one, contact us, and we will be able to provide you with an estimate.  It is proven that the utilisation of helicopters provides an efficient tool and thus a cost-effective option when shifting people, or goods, particularly on diverse terrain and remote locations that varying projects require throughout New Zealand.