Search & Rescue/Salvage

Skywork has the equipment and local knowledge to support your search and rescue requirements.




Past emergency callouts that Skywork have attended include the search for missing hunters, farmers, boats and aircraft.  Skywork’s pilots possess specialised skills when it comes to searching in a methodical and comprehensive process.  Our pilots are experienced with the utilisation of differential GPS navigation tools which provide the aid to ensuring a comprehensive search is conducted and no gaps left that potentially lead to failure in discovery.

Our pilots possess local knowledge of terrain an advantage for local searches as we are able to respond in a timely manner, an important feature when time is of the essence.

Our manifest of search and rescue equipment include CAA approved Night Vision Goggles, Steerable 450 Amp search light, remote hook, full body harnesses & chair, ELT search equipment, platform left and right attached to helicopter, up to date two way communication systems, and portable floats.

Being specialists in lifting, Skywork has all the lifting gear to salvage your misplaced equipment, eg a quad bike or boat in an efficient and timely manner before further damage is caused.

Skywork’s aircraft are also all tracked by real time global positioning equipment providing back at Skywork’s offices up to date information of their aircrafts exact location as they undertake flying operations.