Fire Support

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Skywork Helicopters is an established provider of tactical fire support services to NZ Rural/ Urban Fire Services; Department of Conservation managed National Parks and Forestry Organisations.

Our fire support services both on and off-season include:

  • Air - Attack
  • Containment and Suppression
  • Fire Reconnaissance and Spotting
  • Fire - Mapping
  • Infra-red Imaging for Hot Spots
  • Fire Line Patrol
  • Troop and Equipment Transport
  • Aerial Incendiary Dropping
  • Controlled Burn-offs
  • Search and Rescue

Skywork Helicopters operates a diverse fleet of helicopters and equipment, with comprehensive systems to support fire operations. This fleet provides the company with flexibility and availability for aerial fire suppression regionally and throughout New Zealand.

Fire Control Support Utility:

  • Sea and Fresh Water Capability
  • Collapsible Bambi Buckets
  • True Test Buckets
  • Foam Dispensers
  • Up to 1500 litre Loads
  • Self-Contained Mobile Units -14000 litre Water Tanker Trucks
  • 5000 Litre Portable Dams
  • High Volume Pumps with Filling Equipment
  • Latest Technology Ground to Air Communication
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Highly Trained Support Crew
  • Mobile Aircraft Engineers and Mechanics
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