Frequently Asked Questions

How are the loads configured?

The pilot will discuss your job with you and advise how the loads will be configured and stropped.

What is the cost?

This can vary dependent on the service and location, an estimate can be provided outlining a breakdown of costs on request.

Do you visit the site to assess the job?

Once the information is received from the client a desk top analysis will be completed and where necessary or by client request we will visit the site, the client will be advised of any associated cost prior to the visit taking place.

Why do you only offer an estimate and not a quote?

The job can be affected by variables such as weather and changes to the job information on the day.

Can you fly in the Auckland CBD?

Yes, Skywork Helicopters is one of only two aerial operators in New Zealand that has an exemption under Civil Aviation Rule 133.69(iv) to provide external load operations over, to, or adjacent to, a congested area of a city, town or settlement. A risk assessment and a safety plan would be prerequisites for this type of work.

Can you lift in a residential area?

Yes we can, however, it would be necessary to do a desk top analysis to assess the associated risks; this would be discussed with the client prior to any decision being reached.

Why do I have to have a safety plan?

It is a Health and Safety requirement for most councils, government entities and clients.

How do you measure distance to my work site?

We use Google Earth to locate the worksite and measure the distance from our closest base (dependent on helicopter type required) the route will also be discussed with the pilot to ensure the flight path is the most cost effective.

Why do I have to pay for equipment (e.g. Trucks)?

Resources such as trucks are a necessary part of most jobs. There have associated costs such as RUC, general maintenance, fuel, all of this must be charged for or we wouldn’t be able to cover our expenditure costs.

Why isn’t everything included in the helicopter rate?

In the interest of transparency we itemise the use of equipment and personnel, although one crew person is included in the hourly helicopter rate where required.